Placing a milk paint order

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Business without a greater purpose isn't useful. We're supporting nonprofits that bring mobile showers to the homeless in Berlin, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Melbourne, New York, Nashville and other cities. During each interaction, we try to leave a great impression on the customer. We focus on design, integrity, tradition, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. It requires patience, passion and perseverance. Loyalty is achieved with exceptional products and consistent service that builds long-term customer trust. It's a business with a purpose, a team with a purpose and a store with kindness - everything we enjoy doing and what we stand for. Milk paint makes people happy and contributes to their healthy everyday environment. We never offer discounts or free delivery because we value our high-quality products and our work. Our premium milk paint formula is the only old fashioned milk paint in the world according to the recipe and legacy by Charles Thibeau from 1974. The prices of products and delivery exclude VAT which rate depends on the location of the buyer. We're registered for VAT in Croatia (EU) and in the United Kingdom (GB). Our offices are located in Boston, Massachusetts and Covent Garden, London. The milk paint warehouse is based in Opatija, Croatia. Why the VAT rate isn't included within the product and delivery price? Because that's fairer from the customer's point of view. The exact VAT rate is added at the checkout and it depends on where the customer is located. If you're a customer from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you will need to pay a local VAT and any customs fees in your country because the VAT rate on products and delivery at our online store will be 0%.


Someone will always find a way to offer lower prices, but it is a race to the bottom. The race to the top has more sense for us. Low price is the last refuge for people who don’t have the patience to demonstrate value for those that need it. After selecting the products and completing the order, the final payment is made in the currency of the Euro (€, EUR). We deliver our products to these countries (here you can also see a local VAT rate): Austria 20%, Belgium 21%, Bulgaria 20%, Croatia 25%, Cyprus 19%, Czechia 21%, Denmark 25%, Estonia 20%, Finland 24%, France 20%, Germany 19%, Great Britain 20%, Greece 24%, Hungary 27%, Iceland, Ireland 23%, Italy 22%, Latvia 21%, Liechtenstein, Lithuania 21%, Luxembourg 17%, Malta 18%, Netherlands 21%, Norway, Poland 23%, Portugal 23%, Romania 19%, Slovakia 20%, Slovenia 22%, Spain 21%, Sweden 25% and Switzerland. 3D Secure payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal. You can also pay with a bank transfer in the currency of the Euro (€, EUR) and British Pound (£, GBP). Products are shipped directly from our local warehouse in Opatija, Croatia. We don't use plastic packaging and the tape is made of paper. We don't use drop-shipping because our team packs every order with care. After ordering, the products are shipped in a brief time (one business day). You can track the order from our warehouse to your address (DPD email and mobile app notifications). If you work overtime to offer mediocre products to non-demanding clients, consider an alternative and serve the most interested and demanding clients with outstanding eco-friendly products.


You have the right to return the received purchased products within 14 days and get a refund for products and for delivery paid. The thinking period expires 14 days after the date of receipt of the products. Tell us about your return request by sending an email so we can send you further instructions. You need to send products back to our warehouse in Croatia exclusively by DPD, we will pay a DPD shipping fee for return and we will send you a DPD return label by email. Send us the products within 3 days of the day you notified us that you want to cancel the purchase. A refund for products and delivery paid will be made when we receive undamaged and unopened products at our warehouse. The delivery fee paid for shipping from our warehouse to your address will be refunded. If you decline to accept ordered products or you don't pick up the products at the DPD Pickup Parcelshop and when DPD automatically returns the products instead of you, the delivery fee you paid for shipping from our warehouse to your address won't be returned and you will get a refund just for purchased products. If returned products are damaged or opened, we can't offer you a refund for products and delivery paid in any case. You can learn more about EU shopping and online dispute resolution. We take care of the data that you provide during purchase and when you contact us (name, surname, address, email, phone number) and we never give your data to anyone outside the company. The payment processing firms securely store your credit and debit card data. Of course, your data is provided to DPD regarding milk paint delivery. Please contact us by email if you want us to delete all the data that we hold about you. At our online store, we never use any marketing cookies, just analytics cookies.

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