Organic milk paint for bare wood and interior walls with a family tradition since 1974. Just add warm water to the milk paint powder and stir. "It’s like making chocolate milk", Charles Thibeau said.

20 rustic tones mixed with water only: lime + cow's milk protein + natural earth pigment. Free of additives, volatile organic solvents, harmful chemicals and odours. 100% biodegradable traditional ecological milk paint for wood and interior walls is ideal for the environment of pregnant women, newborns, babies, children, the whole family and pets. Charles Thibeau from Groton, Massachusetts, began experiments in 1974 to reproduce the original formula of organic powder based on cow's milk protein. American colonists used skim milk or buttermilk, but Charles Thibeau decided to use milk protein in powder form so that the natural ingredients could be stored for a long time and easily mixed with water. The oldest surfaces on Earth were painted with milk paint. Cave drawings and paintings made 20.000 years ago are made with a simple mixture of milk, lime and earth pigments. The original formula for milk paint was so easy to make and use, and for thousands of years, it has been a significant form of decoration all over the world.

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The traditional organic milk paint was devised in 1974 in the city of Groton, Massachusetts, USA. Our milk paint warehouse is located in Opatija, Croatia. By using organic milk paint, we're all contributing to a healthier world.

Milk Paint for wood (Pint for 1.75 m2 and 2 coats, Quart for 3.5 m2 and 2 coats, Gallon for 14 m2 and 2 coats) and Milk Paint Safe Paint for interior walls (Pint for 1.75 m2 and 2 coats, Quart for 3.5 m2 and 2 coats, Gallon for 14 m2 and 2 coats). We don't have in stock the milk paint you are looking for? Click here and send us an email to pre-order the milk paint.

Charles Thibeau


In 1974, he devised the modern formula of ecological milk paint The Old Fashioned Milk Paint. In 1981, due to his expertise, he was elected as a Guild of Master Craftsmen member in London, England. Back in 1970, he founded the Environmental Protection Foundation, which participated in the first Earth Day in Boston.

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Anne Thibeau


"I am proud of our history, and my father’s innovation in developing a modern version of a very historic, natural paint. I’m proud to make paint that people with multiple chemical sensitivities or allergies to conventional, chemically-based paints can tolerate and add a little colour to their world, a paint that is biodegradable and safe."

Milk paint has been used for thousands of years. It's incredibly durable and often lasts for hundreds of years if it's protected from wear and weather.

​The Old Fashioned Milk Paint has won the USDA certificate for the traditional milk paint. The USDA label certifies that biodegradable milk paint ingredients meet or exceed the USDA standard. Bio-products are composed of agricultural materials. Milk paint and Safe Paint formulation for interior walls are made from natural materials, including milk protein (casein), crushed limestone, clay, and earth pigments.